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Fat Folx Don't Owe You Shit

Fat folx don't owe you shit.

We don't owe you fitness. We don't owe you movement. We don't owe you wellness. We don't owe you health. We don't owe you modesty. We don't owe you class. We don't owe you a damn thing.

The clothing and fitness industry has made money by denying fat folx access to brick and mortar spaces for years, now they realize they can make more by including us. This isn't groundbreaking, it's capitalism.

Don't forget this when you rage over the Tanya Gold bullshit. Don't fall into ableist arguments. Capitalism is as capitalism does: I have money, i want to give it to you. Make clothes in my damn size.

It's all thin people have to do, it's all we should have to do.

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