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Glamorizing Fatness

Fatness isn't nearly as dangerous as the treatment of fat folx by society. Fatphobia kills, not fat. "Health" shouldn't be prerequirement for respect, that is abilist bullshit. But if you are going to point to scientific studies to justify your treatment of fat folx, then why aren't you talking about the studies that point out fat folx who feel discriminated against have shorter life expectancies than those who don't?

What kills us is discrimination from doctors, employers, and educators. It's being denied medical treatment, jobs, and housing because of our weight, not the actual weight. It is harder for folx who are at the intersections, fat and: black, indigenous, latinx, asian, queer, trans, disabled, or poor.

So Jillian, how about you use your platform to address that inequality? Oh wait that won't line your pocketbook.

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