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Pricing and Options

Accessibility means more than variations all series and membership options are sliding scale. Choose what fits your budget.

I have a free library on YouTube, and lots of free content on Instagram and TikTok.


Courses, workshops, and mentorships will be priced separately.

There are also Monthly Memberships, Class Packs, and Yearly options for you to choose from or give to a friend!

Inclusive Memberships

Fringe(ish) Membership
sliding scale $25-65 USD

This membership is billed monthly and includes:

  • The video on demand library of over 120 yoga, movement, meditation, interviews and self-care practices (updated 4 times a month). 

  • Option to attend all livestream yoga, movement, meditation and self-care practices offered each month, as well as meet-ups, live podcasts, and select workshops at no additional cost!


*There is no guaranteed number of offerings per month for this membership. It will vary by month, demand, and my own ability. Please choose a price point where you are comfortable with a bit of unpredictability. Some months may have one livestream series, while others may have a collection of series, workshops and meet-ups. 

Video On Demand

In this library you will find a growing collection of 120+ mat and chair practices, pose breakdowns, meditation sessions, and self-care options. New Classes are added four times a month.


renews monthly

renews annually

does not renew

Class Passes

Class Passes

Class Passes allow you to purchase 5 or 10 classes to use on your schedule for drop-ins and series

standard 5 class pass
$55 USD
standard 10 class pass
$100 USD
supporter 5 class pass
$100 USD
supporter 10 class pass
$185 USD
gift a 5 class pass
gift a 10 class pass
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