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Pricing and Options

Accessibility means more than variations, all series and livestream options are sliding scale. Choose what fits your budget.

I have a free library on YouTube, and lots of free content on Instagram and TikTok.


Courses, some workshops, and mentorships will be priced separately.

Inclusive Memberships

Fringe(ish) Membership
 $9.95 USD

This membership is billed monthly and includes:

  • The video on demand library of over 120 yoga, movement, meditation, interviews and self-care practices. 

  • Option to attend all livestream yoga, movement, meditation and self-care practices offered each month, as well as meet-ups, live podcasts, and select workshops at no additional cost! These offerings will be sporadic and there is no guaranteed number of offerings per month. 

**There is no guaranteed number of offerings per month. It will vary by month, demand, and my own ability. I am currently on a hiatus from livestream teaching.**

I am attempting to find a balance where we can build community and practice together while respecting my own mental and physical needs. It will be a journey!

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