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I am very grateful for my yoga practice, and it is an important part of life. Exploring yoga philosophy has also led me to research and reconnect with my own ancestral practices and rituals.

Ritual can be an important part be a part of our self-study practice. It creates space in our minds and in our daily lives for reconnection and grounding.

Creating Ritual

Ritual takes intention and makes it tangible.

I have always used some form of ritual to take my thoughts and ideas out of my head, and make them something I can physically see and interact with.


We can also use ritual to reclaim agency in our lives when we feel lost or out of control.

Ritual is for everyone and can be secular or support our own spiritual or religious beliefs.

Card Reading

Using Intuition to find insight and objectivity in our lives.

We can use cards to tap into our intuition, gaining objectivity and new perspectives which can helps us develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationships.

I began reading cards when I was 13, using the same playing card Lenormand style deck that my grandmother and aunts used. For me, it helps me connect to family and ancestral practices.

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