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You contain multitudes

We live in a society that asks us to fragment ourselves for general consumption and it is eating us up.

Many of us have been told that parts of us are wrong- our body, our behaviors, our feelings-and eventually we distance ourselves from those aspects of who we are. We begin to lose touch with our whole selves.

Through self-study we have the opportunity to reconnect to who we are outside of what the world says we should be, the opportunity to be embodied, and to explore our place in the world and our relationships.

We have access to so many forms of self-study: yoga, movement, spiritual and philosophical study, journaling, mindfulness and meditation, shadow work, ritual, and ancestor work, just to name a few.

Here we create community to discuss and share our experiences, as well as develop tools to create a self-study practice of our own.

Know Your Whole Self

More Offerings Coming Soon
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