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Exercise vs. Joyful Movement & Intentional Movement

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Exercise isn't inherently bad, but the connotations most of us have with the term reek of diet culture, fatphobia, and using movement to atone.

The term can be triggering many of us.

We relive the torture of being a fat kid in gym class. Relive being physically or verbally abused/overly sexualized for wearing a suit to swim. Some still endure the trauma of eating & exercise disorders.

Joyful movement reminds us that the act of movement doesn't have to be performative. It isn't for external forces, but for ourselves.

It is empowering.

It allows us to take something we have had limited access to, both implicitly and explicitly, and make it ours.

Joyful movement allows us to reframe physical activity as something we can enjoy.

Intentional movement acknowledges that movement may not always be joyful for us, but that we can still choose to move for our own reasons and not those dictated by society.

It is also empowering.

Intentional movement allows us to reframe physical activity as something that is ours.

I don't publish my yoga and movement photos because I want people to see me as "so fat, so brave." I have no interest in being a "good fattie."

I do it because I lost DECADES of movement due of the trauma of exercise and fear of violence.

I do it for the same reason I teach. Because I can't get that time back, but I can try to make it a braver space for others.

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