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About Fat Positive Yoga

Yoga is so much more than movement. I focus on using our practice to reconnect to our whole selves, including our bodies as they are in this moment.

Together, we pay attention to sensation rather than shape and encourage each other to practice in a way that supports us. 

As we practice, we will respect and affirm our differences in ability, gender, race, culture, and experiences while honoring our shared desire for community and care.

We acknowledge that yoga is a spiritual, mental, and cultural practice with roots dating back to at least 900 BCE in the Indus Valley and parts of Africa. It is focused on stilling the mind and connecting to universal consciousness.


Shannon is a non-indigenous practitioner and student, sharing their practice to the best of their ability, and acknowledge that they may not always get it right. Shannon welcomes correction, and encourages students to also practice with folks who are indigenous yoga practitioners and teachers.

Yoga is more than movement.


Through our practice we will be introduced to larger yogic concepts such as ahimsa, or non-violence, satya, or truthfulness, and aparigraha, or non-grasping.

We will also practice svadhyaya or self-study through meditation and introspection.

These are some of the teachings that allow us to deepen our practice and our connection to ourselves and others.

Yoga is for everyone.

You can practice no matter your size, age, mobility or ability.

I specialize in accessible, inclusive practices that are trauma-sensitive and 2SLGBTQIA+ affirming.

There is no diet talk allowed in classes, and I ask that you do not comment on others' bodies.

You deserve to
take up space
on the mat & off.

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without Judgement

Joyful & Intentional movement reminds us that the act of movement doesn't have to be performative. It isn't for external forces, but for ourselves. It is empowering.

It allows us to take something many of us have had limited access to, both implicitly and explicitly, and make it ours.

Joyful movement allows us to reframe physical activity as something we can enjoy. Intentional movement recognizes that we can move for our own reasons, even when joy isn't the emotion it evokes.

This means during our practice we can take breaks when we need to, we can practice something other than what the instructor is demonstrating, we can go at our own pace, and know that our choices to do so are valid, respected, and an act of self-care.

I am so excited to practice with you.

Yoga Blog

Here you can find recent yoga related blog posts. 

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