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Yoga with Jessamyn Stanley

I was lucky enough to take two classes with Jessamyn Stanely (@mynameisjessamyn), author of Every Body Yoga, this past Saturday and have spent some time reflecting on the experience.

Jessamyn's classes are accessible, but intense. She constantly reminded us not to run from discomfort, but to lean into it. As we approached what could be thought of as the "peak pose" of each class came the reminder that this discomfort is what we were in search of, it is where the yoga is.

This is exactly why I practice yoga. It is facing discomfort and practicing leaning into it so you can move through it. Because the only way truly out of discomfort is through it. When we retreat it remains and it haunts us, unacknowledged and unhealed.

That doesn't mean pushing too far when you aren't ready, physically or mentally, but acknowledging that this is where the journey is going.

It has been a hard lesson to learn, but one life seems intent on teaching me over and over. From experiencing homelessness as a teen to my son's cancer journey and my own acceptance of my body, t joyhe only way out is through. Accepting, acknowledging, and leaning in, hell diving into it sometimes, is the only way through.

I do also want to say that through doesn't mean the issue is resolved, but that you are attempting to face the mental/physical/emotional. Sometimes things can't be resolved, and acceptance is all we have.

Thank you Jessamyn for allowing us the space to sit with discomfort and learn our own strength. May the force be with you. 💜

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