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Eating While Fat is An Act of Resistance

I did my first eating video after watching@chiefladybird's beautiful eating videos. It was Fat Tuesday and I thought, "Hey, I'm fat-- it's Fat Tuesday, that's cute." I didn't realize is exactly how freeing it would feel.

As a fat person what you eat and how you eat it is under constant scrutiny. People eye your plate at restaurants, give you disapproving looks at the burger place, and will give you side eye at the ice cream parlor. You can almost hear the "This is why you're fat," radiating out of their tiny brains.

After a while you either modify your behavior in public, so as not to have to deal with it, or you learn to give them the finger. I (literally sometimes) give them the finger. But my #fattuesdaystories on Instagram are like giving the finger to the whole culture of it.

Fat people are allowed to eat whatever they want, and allowed to enjoy it.

Fair warning, trolls will be eaten.

(By the way, eating salads and quinoa bowls is great if you like them, but they won't treat you any better for it. Eat what makes you happy.)

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